iPhoto library with WD Photos?

I understand process of moving one’s iPhoto library to the My Book Live Duo but what about for viewing via one of the WD apps (WD2go to WD Photos) instead of on my computer?

If one dumps the entire iPhoto library into the shared pictures folder on the MBLD will the pictures be visible via the WD Photos app on the iPhone?

Or do I have to export all of my pictures individually and set them up in folders within the WD Photo app in order to see them via an iPhone or iPad?

I am using WD 2go Pro on my iPhone 4s.  I moved my entire library unto MBLD in the Shared Pictures folder. I am able to see all my photos though it does take some time to load the photos. Also the organizational structure is the same as the iPhoto library.  So it takes a while to browse through an exhaustive library like mine (i.e. over 25k photos)!

I hope that answers your question.

Oh cool.

So no need to do anything other than copy my iPhoto library.

I’ll give it a go.

I moved my iPhoto library to my new WD My Book Live, but when I view on my iPad, the photos are not organized at all like they should be. Is there anything else you all did to make this work.

There are many people who say iPhoto will not work on my Live Drive, but this does not make sense to me.

Pls help.


Your iPhoto library is best left on your Mac. Just copy the individual picture folders to MBL. iPhoto is not simply a folder it’s basically a programme. When I copied mine MBL had all manner of sleep issues too. I quickly decided this was not good practice.