HELP! WD2GO and WDPhoto

I am not at all “technical”…I just purchased and installed My Book Live . I have a MAC Boook Pro . WD’s concierge servcie helped me get set up…then it was quite a process to transfer all 4444 of my photos from Iphoto to My Book Live. Now that they are transferred they are all “singly” listed so I presume I have to look at each one and then make separate folders for each “event”. I cannot see ANY photos in WD Photos…hhmmmmm…can anyone help me…in SIMPLE terms??? Pllllllleeeeeaaasssseee…

You need to copy all your files to the public/shared pictures folder, it will take a while before the files are recognized. 

Thanks for your reply…I have transferred them all into the shared pj]hotos so they do show up in the WD2go app…but as i mentioned they are all “single” not in specific albums …yet they do NOT show up at all inWDphoto