Cannot connect to MyCloudMirror Shares from Windows Explorer on Win10

For some reason, I have two Win10 machines all wired on Ethernet. One can access by IP \ and display the available file shares and the other cannot. All same workgroup name. On the one that cannot hit the MyCloudMirror via Windows Explorer, I can browse to the WD Login Screen by IP in Chrome. Any idea why I can’t see the shares? The error message in Windows Explorer is “Windows cannot access \”

I do have network discovery enabled.

Thanks for the help.


Although the unit is showing on one of the PC’s, have you tried resetting the drive resetting the drive using the reset button? If not, please try that.

Thanks. I will give that a shot.
Will resetting the device via the reset button erase shares, share data, users or anything I have on it to date?


According to the User manual, it will not erase the shares or data on the unit.

Using the physical reset button, will restore settings such as the administrator user name and password for the device.

That didn’t work but thank you for the pointer. Really weird. Like I said, the machine that cannot access the device by Windows Explorer CAN access it via Chrome browser. So it seems to me like this isn’t a networking issue or even a device issue. More of an issue with my Win 10 machine. I know that isn’t the place to post Windows 10 machine issues but I was hoping someone here could help me identify a possible root cause.

Thank you.

Just thought to update this thread with my solution. The issue was that I was signed into Windows 10 with an Office 365 domain work account. I signed out of that account and back in with the local admin account and the IP address pulled up the shares via Windows Explorer. Once that conduit was established signing back in with my Domain Office 365 account allowed me in. Weird and I got totally lucky! Whew…

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