Lost MyCloud access from Win10 (Android access ok)


Have MyCloud Mirror 6TB connected to router on home network, and during lockdown have been remotely accessing my share files via both Win10 laptop and Android devices via MyCloud software - steady as a rock from March to Sept

Last couple of days I managed to get home, and did the latest updates to Win10 on our desktop PC, and the software on the Cloud device

Since then, I can still access the share files from Android devices, whether at home or remotely. But both the desktop Win10 PC (on same network as the Cloud device) and the Win10 laptop (remote access) have lost access. I have tried to reconnect MyCloud using my login via MyCloud.com, and using access codes, but everything fails, access denied

At home I can still access the device from the desktop PC as Admin to generate the access codes

I’m baffled about what’s changed - Any advice would be appreciated to help me re-establish access to my share from my Win10 devices!


Alan N


You could refer to the following link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9323