Cannot access share space 8tb. No access to admin pages / connection fails

Hope someone can help. I have a 8TB sharespace that has been going well for 18 month.  I upgraded to lion and things sontinued to go well but now i restarted the sharespace and it lookis like it is going throught the normal start up and all lights are green and i can see it in my finder but when i click on it , it says network fail

when i try to access the account / prefs through bonjour it is stating "“system starting up with a % completed” but it never changes. I have tried with another system using snow leopard but no affect… I dont think it is the files  so can any helo a poor newbie?

This is because Lion has whats known as an upgraded NetaTalk and so AFP (apple filing protocol) wont work with the device till a firmware upgrade.

Heres what to do :-

Click GO from the finder menu > CONNECT TO SERVER > type in server address box :- smb//yourlogon:your password@yoursharespace ip

so it will look a bit like this :- smb://john:skydive@

this will connect you using Samba or windows networking which OS X supports, make sure you have the users and passwords set up in your sharespace.

if you just want access to public shares then type :- smb//guest:guest@sharespaceip

let me know how you got on.

Just re-read your post - try turning the sharespace off and on, (you might need to pull power cord) then try to connect using web browser to sharespace IP, get to control menu and see whats going on.

thanks but how can i get the IP of the server if i cannot access? sorr y for such a basic question

Your router should be able to provide that info.