Connection/file transfer Sharespace Mac issue

Just connected the Sharespace last night.  Configured using Static IP.  Connected to LAN and to an iMac wirelessly and set up a couple folders in the Public location.  Transferred some files too.  However during some the transfer would get hung up, not complete and freeze.  Sometimes would be able to cancel the transfer but sometimes would need to force quit finder to exit.  After this when attempting to connect to sharespace which is still visible in the shared drives, I can see the top folder level.  Once clicking on public , or any, folder am unable to descend through the file structure.  There is an spinning status icon in the lower right but it never connects or completes.  If I back out and try to go back in, I no longer see the Public, Config, Download folders, just get the status spinner.  Once I reboot I can get back to folders but still can’t descend past Public.  Anyone else seeing, seen this behavior.  All the while I can connect to the Sharespace configuration manager and the web just fine so I’m pretty sure my wireless is okay.  Any suggestions for a fix?

Connected to a Lynksys g band router

How are you connecting to the sharespace?   I connect to a sharespace from a Mac (os 10.5.8) and my experience is that connecting via NFS is unrealiable and results in exactly the sort of behaviour you are seeing.  However connections via Samba are fine.

If you get info (cmd I) on the share ‘Public’ and under server you see something that either begins nfs://…  or


I have never looked into this in any detail, and am not necessarily pointing the finger at the sharespace - my router / wireless access point is not a particularly high quality item (ZTE) and may be messing thungs up.

By the way can you get the itunes server to run reliably? I find it stalls after only few minutes.