Cannot access retrieved files after W7 re-install


I have a problem, I realla appreciate if someone can help me.

I have a WD My Passport. I have been back-uping for a while now. My PC (windows 7 64 bit) got a bit slow, so I reinstalled Windows. Now when I try to retrieve a specifik folder from the back-up, it says I dont have the right to open/view the file.

Also in WD SmartWare I see that all the files have been crossed out.

How can I solve this?

Thank you very much in advance!



Take a look a this link. This user had the same issue and posted the solution. Hope it helps

smartware is the worst feature of wd , I have done mistake of keeping password , please do not use the password feature of wd…after sometime it does not allow user also not to access its folder , I have suffered and do not want others to feel the pain now…always back , buy 2-3 hard drives…

Hi! Thanks for answering!

I tried what he did. But did not find entirely what he found in the security tabs. But I went and changed to full control for all sub folders for all the users (admin, system etc). Did not work.

Any more ideas?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, the suggested fix doesn’t appear to work with windows 7.
Did you ever solve the problem or did you loose those files?
Thanks to Western Digital’s due diligence I’ve wasted considerable time on this issue.