Access Denied on file retrieval

Ok I’ll lay it out very simple, because I usually never use the included software of external drives, but I was feeling lazy and just wanted my files backed up without having to sort though all the files individually. 

So, I got the WD My Passport Ultra (500Gb) so I could back up files because I was going to be upgrading my Motherboard and HDDs. So I did so using WD Smartware. Well after upgrades turned successful, it was time to regather my previous files that I loved and needed so much. To my dismay, upon retrieving files back on to the newly upgraded computer, some of which are now “Access Denied”. I’ve tried the ownership thing a few different way, maybe I’m not doing it right, but it’s not working. 

I’m using Windows 8.1 64bit

Figured it out, lol. 

Here’s what I did if it may help anyone in the future. 

right click > Properties, now under properties select the security tab and it says at the bottom of the tab, “For special permissions or advanced settings click Advanced.” Click Advanced.
Now under advanced in the permissions tab it says the same as the top of the previous tab, “You must have Read permissions to view the properties of this object.” Under that it says, “Click the continue to attempt the operation with administrative permissions.” & the continue button has the little “Admin” shieldy thing on it. Click that…
Now the permissions tab has changed and shows columns of things that might be able to access the file. At the very bottom under the “Add” Remove" & “View” buttons is another button titled, “Enable inheritance”. Select the admin column, click that button, hit apply and Vualá!!! you can now access it… as long as you’re admin of course.

Thanks for posting this.

I had a similar issue last week and found a thrid party software gave me quick and simple access - hope it helps you

Take Ownership  . . . Wonderful

Hi there, I have some difficulties on my hard disk. By accident, I have set the permission and now my hard disk is no longer accessible via my laptop or computer. Is there a way I can solve this.

Please help!

Appreciate it.