Needing to use my back-up and cannot "retrieve"


My laptop just went belly up and it’s questionable whether or not I will get any data from the HD so I am accessing a back-up I made on my passport 0740 a ways back.  The issue I am having it that the files are not showing up in the “Retrieve” tab.  It I use the Explorer to access the Passposrt drive, all of the files are stuck in “Backup files 1” " Backup files 2" etc. folders.  Each is loaded and zipped.

Why can I not access these folders and ultimately the files via SmartWare?  Am I missing something?

Thanks for any guidance.

I assume you used Smartware for the backup. See if this helps


Thanks for the guidance. I will give it a try and let you know how it works out.
Many Regards!

 . . . I ran the backup.  All of the old files that were backed up on the WD Passport are still grayed out and not accesible.  Still cannot retrieve.

On the drive through Explorer, I can see the smartware.swstor file referred to above, it seem to contain the newly backed up files however, not the legacy data that is still grayed out. 

There is also a file named Windows Image backup on the drive.  Does this imply then that the Windows default file backup was used? Can the Windows default recovery/retrieve be used to access (because the files contained therein are either XML or Hard Disk Image Files)?

Thanks again for any guidance!