Access denied on retrieved files from different computer

Hi all,

I recently got a new Win10 computer and I used the backup (My Passport Ultra) of my XP computer to transfer the files.

The files were copied over fine, but if I try to open them I get an access denied error.

I searched through the forums, and found similar issues, however, for all of them, the link to the solution on the WD site was not working!

I did try the solution at this link, and it works, however only doing it file by file. And I unfortunately have a lot of files…

Is there a way to resolve this for the entire directory structure?

I don’t understand Win10 ownership and permissions very well, so simple step by step instructions very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi all,

any help on this? I’m stuck with a large number of files that I can’t access in any way without manuale making changes one by one.

Suggestions, also where to look, much appreciated. As I said, none of the links to WD web site in previous similar posts work, all give 404 error.


I went into Advanced Settings but Inheritance is already enabled. The button below Add Remove View says Disable Inheritance. WD should be ashamed of themselves. "Never worry about backing up your files again. Yeah yioun can back them up, But you’ll never get to use them agsin.