My Passport Ultra: access denied on my new W10 PC

I want to read/copy my data savec on My Passport Ultra from my old W7 PC on my new W10PC. ecurity is open, I see the drive in my explorateur de fichiers but only get an “Access denied”. It is quite urgent, can you help me? Thank you!


You probably need to change permission on the file and/or folders. Click on the link below to find Microsoft’s instructions on how to do this.

Hello Hamlet, thank you for your answer. I did it and even renamed my new PC as my old one. All the permissions are now open to “everyone”. But the message remains the same: access denied. What else could I try? Thank you again

Hello, is there anybody out there?

I have the same exact problem ,open a ticket with WD but no useful response so far , will share with you if i got any solution for this weird problem.

Is the best solution to buy another tera extra drive? Ideas about a better tool?

I had this problem - restored backed up files on a new Windows 10 computer, and could not access them, unless I changed the ownership or permissions on each individual file.

I discovered that simply creating copies of the files solved the problem. I was able to copy all the files and the copies were accessible.