MyPassport "Access Denied" on new Windows 10 PC


Hi There,

I have a portable MyPassport Ultra (0827) that I have been using for backup of files on my old Windows 7 Computer. I just got a new computer (Windows 10) and when I try to connect the MyPassport it shows up on the computer but reads “Access Denied”

I went into “security” to try and re-claim ownership, but under that section it says “Unable to Display Current Owner” and there don’t seem to be any other options to do anything. When I put it back onto my old computer however, it shows the owner (with read/write/modify privileges for everyone). All files are visible in the old computer, just not the new.

The driver on the Windows 10 PC shows as 10.0.15063.0 (automatically installed by windows, driver date 6/21/2006)

Any ideas?



I managed to resolve this issue on my own. For those who might find themselves in a similar solution, I will post my resolution here.

My new computer is an HP Computer that came pre-installed with HP Security Tools. The Security Tools app was preventing access to any external USB port drive. Once I removed the software (together with HP Device Access software - also had to be removed), the problem resolved.

Hope this helps someone else.