Permissions, you do not have permission to access

On my WD Passport trying to access files I have put on it, I am denied access with a message that says you do not have permission to access the object.

It was working fine for 2 years until I connected to a second laptop. Now I have no permission from either to access some but not all of the files/folders.

Using Win 7, Hp laptops, and Passport WDBBEP0010BSL.

Any idea of how to make it work again?

The other computer could have corrupted or added new parameters to your unit’s access permissions. Have you tried taking ownership of your files or changing access permissions? Instructions are available in the following link:

I have this problem repeatedly. Please advise on how to avoid this problem. The file is absolutely not corrupted.


I suggest you to edit the ownership of the drive. Just do right click on the drive and click on properties and go to the security tab and click on “Edit” button available under the “Group or User name”. After changing the ownership check the drive is accessible or not.