Cannot access plex media after the outage on my cloud home

Hi all

After the latest outage my media is not showing in plex at all.

Tried disabling and reconfiguring plex but still no luck.

Any ideas.

I am using the Plex app on IPhone and now My Cloud Home is Offline.
I am using the latest version of Plex app installed on 30-september.
Before I was able to see the content of My My Cloud Home from Plex app on IPhone.
The same problem also on Samsung phone.

Yes exactly same thing is happening on mine and wife’s phone… They have breaked plex while fixing their issue. :frowning:

This is funny. Just to see what is happening to Plex Media Server (PMS) aand MCH, I just tested it and it seemed to work with the network secure connections set back to ‘preferred’ and the relay or indirect play will now work again after the recent MCH software update to 7.15.1-101.

I would check from MCH home to see what is happening, but the few times that I turned on PMS on the MCH, the log grew to hundreds of MB and extracted to a few GBs from all the PMS errors and that would seem to deter anyone from looking at it very much.

For tekram
How did you set the network secure connections set back to ‘preferred’?
I am new on this stuff.
I have only MCH device and I think the Plex Media Server is included in it.
Please, let me know the exact procedure that you used to network secure connections set back to ‘preferred.
Thank you

Assuming you can log into your PMS (Plex Media Server) such as via http://nas_ip_address:32400/web which should be the same as your MCH ip address which could be found from running an ipscanner or from your router client list.

Click on the ‘spanner’ icon on top right, then ‘network’ on the left panel and choose ‘Preferred’ from the drop down’.

Note that the client player such as a remote PC or Mac browser app needs to have the same ‘Secure connection’ as the server and there may be other complications with different mobile app builds (Android or iOS) which are incompatible with the PMS versions.

I think it’s because the Let’s Encrypt Root Certificate expired the 30th of September. They updated their own app to fix the connections, but forgot(?) to do the same to the Plex app.

We will have to wait for them to update the Plex app. Until then, as a workaround, I have disabled secured connections in the Plex app on the phone and it works again.

But there is no option to disable thus on iPhone app.

Thank you,
I checked and I have the same setting like you.
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Hi All, go to settings in Plex Android app. Select Advanced and change Allow insecure connections to on same network. Mine is working now :blush:

Same problem but in addition MCHdoes not communicate witj sonos I have my music on MCH but sonos does not see it in plex and wll not play it through MCH direct