Cannot access network shares with d-link 655


Am running vista with a wireless d-link 655 router, and ethernet connected WDTVL to the router, and WDmyBook connect to the computer. I can access the internet and utube but cant see mybook thats hooked to the computer.

All shares are activate on vista, and i can see wdtv live in my network places, so it seems to be all linked, but cant figure out why WDTVL cant see the external drives on the computer!

Any suggestions appreciated

Also, anyone know if you can add the mybook hard drive to the usb port on the router and wdtv access it


Same problem (with both computers). I guess it’s how they want it…can’t see any word from WD that would solve anything and they dont reply on e-mails.

apologies if im out of topic, but seeing as you own the dir-655, have you tested connecting your mybook hard drive to the “shareport” usb port on you router?

is the wdtv live able to see the hard drive and play media off it when the mybook is connected to the shareport?

i am looking to get a new wireless router…

Seems to miraculously be working now - network shares finds my book on computer - however it does drop out every now and then.

Re D-Link USB on router, unfortunately you need to install the software (share point) to access the port, so as far as I can tell can only access via  computer and also can only have 1 device accessing it at a time - pain as I was hoping to just plug it in and access it!   

ok, got it…thanks