Cannot access Mycloud again

Once again, I cannot make Mycloud work the way the manual and the help forum messages say I’m supposed to be able to!

I’m trying to set up cloud access. I have typed in Firefox, and when I start, I get a screen showing the progress wheel whizzing and whirring for a couple minutes (!) and then a screen saying Mycloud device not found. It asks me if the blue light is on solid; it is. It asks if I’m connected to my router; I am (I haven’t changed hardwire connections at all). It asks if I’m connected to the same network as this computer; I am; the in-home network is all I have. I’m hard wired from the MC to a Netgear switch and from there by hard wire to the AT&T Uverse modem and from there by hard wire and by Windows internet wifi to my desktop. Same as always.

So I follow the instructions to try to access it via the dashboard. I choose Mycloud in the dropdown list of devices and click “GO” and another screen appears; this one is totally blank! I mean empty! The tab at the top of my screen says “connecting” and I’ve been watching the progress wheel rotate for 5 minutes now, with no progress at all. The web address on my Firefox screen says about:blank. Nothing.

So I open a new browser window and type http://WDMycloud which I know is the name of my device and guess what: nothing. The same totally blank window, the same window tab saying “connecting”, the same progress wheel rotating constantly with no progress at all.

I simply don’t understand what I’m doing wrong! I’m reading the manual as I type, and just like when I first took the device out of the box, my device simply does not work the way the manuals say it will! The screens that appear usually don’t match the ones in the manual and the screens that appear on my monitor don’t always work the way they say they will. What am I doing wrong THIS TIME?

Is there any way of getting the LAN IP address of your Mycloud from your router? , mine has a way of showing connected devices and the IP address they’ve been assigned , then try putting the IP address into the web browser instead.

No help. I entered my IP address manually in the browser window and nothing happens. the only thing that worked so far was sticking a paper clip in the reset button hole on the back of the device. I’m connected now, but I still don’t understand why it should be necessary to start that way!

That’s technology for you (any type), it it doesn’t work…turn it off and on again…


Is the drive still functioning correctly? Also, just so you know, it can take time for the device to connect to your network. Doing the reset was the quick way to clear things and let the My Cloud re-acquire your network.

As of today info believe it’s working as it should. I also appreciate
knowing that needing the paper clip reset does not necessarily suggest a

Not at all. However, if it requires doing it again, and then maybe again. There may be an issue with network setup. That usually happens when the DHCP lease time runs out and renews. If there is an issue it usually shows up then. Lease times vary, but if it stays connected for more than a week, you should be fine with your setup.

Thx again for checking with me. I appreciate that.

I’d like to ask a related question, if you don’t mind. It’s connected to
Apple as much as to Mycloud, but it’s behind my whole motivation for buying
the Mycloud, and you probably know stuff that could help me.

I am running Windows 10 on a Dell desktop, all up to date, and Firefox, up
to date. I have iCloud on my desktop and it’s software is up to date. I
use Google instead of Microsoft for email, etc. I probably have some stuff
“backed up” to a Google version of a cloud, but I don’t typically use
*any *cloud
for backing up stuff on my desktop. Mycloud is my first foray into any
other offline way to store and save stuff (other than an external USB drive
I do use for regular backups of the entire hard drive). I do not have a
Microsoft account and for anti-Microsoft reasons that don’t matter here I
never will have one! I have an Apple iPhone 6s running the latest ios 10.
I am running the Mycloud, as you know.

Mycloud is hard wired via Ethernet cable to a Netgear switch. From there,
an Ethernet cable connects the Netgear to my AT&T Uverse modem. From
there, a third Ethernet cable connects the modem to my desktop. I am also
connected to the internet via the standard Windows wifi connection from my
modem to my desktop.

At the moment, on Mycloud, I have created a private share called rawdata,
using the Dashboard; then using File Explorer, I’ve created a subfolder
called tomsiphonepics. My goal is to get all the pics on my iPhone onto
Mycloud, and then move them around on Mycloud once they’re all safely
there. My secondary goal is to empty iCloud because it’s getting clogged
up, Apple is routinely bugging me about that, and is also routinely bugging
me to buy more storage, and I’m too cheap to do that, as a matter of
anti-Apple principle, not economics!

At the moment, I have more than 1,300 photos on my iPhone. I believe I
have auto-uploaded all of them to iCloud, which I can access from my
desktop. Since I can’t figure how to display a *list *of file names and
details for what’s in iCloud, like I can with File Explorer in Windows, I
can’t be sure what’s in iCloud except by viewing every pic visually on my
monitor, one pic at a time! I also can’t find an easy way to display a *list
*of file names and details of the pics still on my phone! So I’m in for
some one-pic-at-a-time slogging.

My goal is to empty iCloud by moving all of it to the Mycloud!

My question is: is there a one-step way to do that? I.e., in effect,
drag/drop or copy/paste every photo now in iCloud into a share I’ve created
in Mycloud? Or do I need to do it one pic at a time, by downloading every
pic to my hard drive first, and then move every pic from the hard drive to
Mycloud, either one pic at a time or in a drag/drop or copy/paste method?

Thx. Not sure what you just said, but I appreciate it. Since I might go a
week or more without using the Mycloud at all, how will I know? Just try
and see?

Also, maybe unrelated, I have noticed, and am noticing right now, that the
blue light on the front is on, but not entirely steady. It’s fading off
and on, quite slowly. Perhaps 2-3 seconds per on/off/off fade. Not at all
what I’d consider “blinking”. I didn’t see anything specifically in the
troubleshooting part of the user manual that makes it clear what’s going
on. I would guess it’s just “inactive” since, as I said above, I do ignore
it completely for days at a time, and that’s the case today. Is it
something I need to *think *about? If I can *think *about it, I can *worry
*about it! :scream:

No, it’s fine. It’s just in sleep mode.

No, you can use it now. If it’s been going for days, it should be fine.

If you have a your iCloud open and can select all, then all you need to do is map the folder you created for your pictures. Once you map the share folder, then you can copy and paste all the photos at once into the mapped folder. I’m putting a link to help you if you don’t know how to map a share.

One last thing I would like to advise: moving all your photos into the My Cloud from the iCloud service will now put your data at risk if the drive ever fails. I would strongly recommend creating another backup of your photos on another drive to keep them secure. Then you can use the My Cloud to serve up images you want to look at without concern.

For now, you could just copy the photos out and leave the originals in the iCloud until you get another drive to copy them over to as well.

The fading blue light means it’s on ‘standby’ (internal drive is powered down waiting to be accessed and powered back up again) , there is an option to toggle it on or off in the UI.

I copy all my picture files into a folder on my PC then daily use a program to back them up onto my NAS, I use the PC folder as the folder for my Dropbox account…so I have them in 4 seperate places, maybe overkill…but once you lose them they’re often gone forever.

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Smart man. I keep my data in at least 3 separate locations.