Cannot access all existing folders

Having not followed the setup directions, I just hooked up the drive to my network and starting using it. I have several computers I want to back up on it. I was able to access it, and create the folders I wanted and started backing up to them. Then I discovered and ran the app, Install WD Discovery for Windows. Now, on the computer on which I installed this app, all I can see is the default Family folder. Is there any way to recover the other folders which are still there and accessible from other machines on which I have not install the app?

So, even though the folders do not appear on their own in file explorer under \My Cloud Home, I can still access them by mapping \\MyFolders to my machine.

it sounds like you put the files in the default public SMB share. when you install WD discovery it mounts the private user space as a drive. see the article below from the wd support site.

Having botched the initial installation, I’d like to erase the installation of MyCloud home and start over. What’s the best way to go about that?