Can western digital hd media 1st GEN pass through or play DTS via Amplfier ? optical ( S/PDIF)

 Can western digital hd media 1st GEN pass through or play DTS via Amplfier ? optical ( S/PDIF)?

I own a pioneer amp capable of playing & Decoding DTS signals, i learnt that WD HD 1st Gen Lacks DTS support & also it doesnt even downmix the DTS, Many users complained that they dont  hear any sound on the DTS embedded MKV files

when its played !

I’ll be using the WD HD TV player on my Sony Bravia W series ( Video only)

& for Audio my Pioneer Vsx- 416 :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

Hi there, i am having the same problem here! I am using it in the same way as you! Have a Bravia W4500 (52") tv. I am conecting the WDTV box via HDMI and the sound via S/PDiF directly trough the amplifier and i have no sound in the case of .mkv files wich have DTS sound! My amplifier is a DTS sound capable decoding 6.1 Chanel Sony amplifier (STR-DB790).

 The problem is not with your amplifier! Hopefully the WD team will come up soon with a firmware update wich solve this bug… until then i am using a sound converter which converts (you can keep DTS sound on a separate chanel on file as well) DTS to Dolby Digital. Dolby Digital sound format the WDTV box 1st generation is capable to play it.

 So you can watch full HD .mkv files on your WDTV box, unless DTS sound… but hey! the image remains same good and in this way you will be able to get sound as well!

program link :

            regards from Athens - Greece! good luck! :slight_smile:

OMG :frowning:

Crud now wat am i gonna do, but many others told me that WD 1st generation Media player’s didn accuire lincese from DTS as it would burn their Pockets :P, but also it cannot Decode DTS but it can Pass through the DTS signal via S/PDIF, so this means which ever Amp is capable of Recieving or decoding DTS it should do the JOB !

but dont know wats ur Problem !

Any more Inputs ?