Can not connect to MyCloud

my cloud has been working since 1-13-16 when i bought it. im trying to to connect through my phone app and my computers (desktop and laptop). when i use Windows Explorer to look at my files its fine. i can see the shared Music, Pictures, Videos.

when i try to use the WD MyCloud desktop App and WD My Cloud Dashboard, i can NOT connect now. (1-17-16)

i have reset my router and My Cloud twice. when it boots back up it will work (phone, WD My Cloud desktop App, and WD My Cloud Dashboard) for about 10 minutes and then when i try to connect it wont and will say it cant find??

the light is blue, and like i said, when i use Windows Explorer i can see the Shared Folders.

anyone can help? , i thank you.


I recommend you turn off remote access then reboot the drive and then turn remote access back on. If this still does not work then i recommend you contact WD support directly.

i cant get into the Dashboard so i cant change or modify anything.

i talked to tech today while at work, but im home now and i have it all screwed up now.

she told me to turn on port forwarding with 80, 443 in my router. (im not sure i did that right)

and she told me to make IP static but i cant get into my Dashboard to do anything.

40 second reset: