PC Can't Access Remotely, but PC Sync and Mobile are working

I can’t access MyCloud remotely on my PC through the WD My Cloud Software. I can login with the WD My Cloud software and select my MyCloud drive, but then it just spins and I never get to my folders. The PC Sync software is still working and I can access MyCloud on my Andriod phone so I know the drive is up and running. My PC is running Windows 10.

Do you have everything set up in the Dashboard?

I think I did. I was able to access everything when I was at home on my network and add users, etc. However, now that I am remote, I can’t even access my Dashboard.

I have the same problem, after the update I no longer can use my Dashboard. I have done a factory reset, and uninstalled all programs then re installed everything but still the Dashboard is not working and I am not able to access the Hard Drive via FTP or HTTP address. Just keep getting “Refused to Connect”
Hope you find a fix soon…