Can Live Plus Firmware work on Live?

I’m guessing not. Does anybody know?

I’d put money on that they will try and get people to ‘upgrade’ to the Plus…

No, it cannot.  Please be patient for the next WD TV Live firmware release.

i wish they would say if there is a firmware coming and what is in it…

i love their products, i only buy wd drives, but their support really is lacking…

there is still hope folks…

Well, Bill’s comment gives hope that a new firmware/features will be out soon :slight_smile:

i would like that “DVD Navigation” work it on WD TV Live :smiley:

xkche wrote:

i would like that “DVD Navigation” work it on WD TV Live :smiley:

It does now -

You cannot apply the “PLUS” firmware to the LIVE device, since the firmware for the “PLUS” contains functionality that is not supported by the LIVE’s hardware, (i.e. NETFLIX).

I can see a distant future full of bricked WD Lives as someone will try to reverse engineer the firmwares to make them install on the Live, then they will complain they bricked their units !  :smiley:

Cool on the Beta! Anybody try it yet? I may sometime when I have time…:slight_smile:

Can you explain or post a link to the HW differences?  They appear identical however I can’t find the HW specs anywhere.  Thanks

The key difference is the Sigma chip ( 8654 instead of 8655).  On the Plus it supports content protection (e.g. Macrovision) and DRM where on the Live it did not.

That was likely the deal-breaker for Netflix.  Without content protection, WD could not get the license to offer Netflix.

That is also why the firmwares are not compatible between Live and Live Plus.

I’ve said it before but it won’t stop me saying it again:

Here’s hoping this means a UK version will launch of this product-BBC iplayer instead of netflix. I wonder if I should sell my live.
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Let the BBC know

Tried and true,dvd menu’s and no longer failure to find shared network drive.Just had to change network name to my existing network name.

The smart thing would have been to make a firmware version which runs on either hardware, but determines which hardware it runs on - ie, flix wouldn’t be available without the big brother chip.