WD TV Live 2

Looks like the firmware for the WD TV Live 1 may not get updated now that the new WD TV Live 2 has been anounced.

likely both the live, and the live plus are dead platforms.

breaks my heart as I look forward to new features, and bug fixes.

maybe new features will be no more, but I’m sure they will address the bug issues. (praying. lol)

If they don’t address the issues I will make them eat the costs of returning the device. That’s what I did with Sony Professional softwares and luckily they were willing to provide me with the free upgrade.

Newer firmwares are supposed to be for improvements, not to make the product go limp.

Did anyone see any codec support information.

The Live plus doesnt support AAC and Flac surround and I would love to know if this one does.