New frmware

Please, WD team. Any idea for when the new FW.  This week, this month, next month, or next  year?

Please, be honest. I need a new Media player. WD live it’s a possibility, but that depends a lot when the new firmware comes out and what new features it will bring.

sooo what’s all this then?

WDTV Live Plus with:

-Supports DVD Navigation - View all the content included on your DVDs, including complete menu navigation, chapter listings, special features, and subtitles.

- Netflix

* Netflix unlimited membership required. US only.

So your answering the question regarding a firmware update about the Plus means it will be compatible with existing WD TV Live units?

Or is all this a con to get us to **bleep** out more and buy a nother unit.

WD get you act together there a ton of very unhappy customers out there.