Can I access EX2 Ultra remotely via Windows Explorer?

Hello people,
I am wondering if it is possible to access EX2 Ultra remotely. e.g. from my office of any other internet connection but not through WD apps but through my file manager like Windows Explorer.
I would like to view and manage all folders (shareable) like any other folder on my PC. This is feasible while I am on my lockal network the NAS is attached to. Is it also remotely possible ?

OK, this is all explained in the complete user manual on your NAS or downloadable from WD Support for your EX2 Ultra NAS. I do not use my NAS and PC with the app and website but others do. If not explained in the manual, I am sure the Learning Center for the EX2 does explain all this, so also explore the Learning Center for your new NAS, as well as the Knowledge Base.

I only use/access my NAS locally or (remotely off my local network) to access the many media files I can stream via the My Cloud app or PLEX to my iOS devices to hear music and watch videos. The only computers I have are at home and nowhere else anymore ever since I retired!

WD has placed a lot of resources on line for users, so find them and use them.

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I did it. I can remote connect through FTP in Windows Explorer, but I have few questions.

1.Why all files are opening in browser. Images, text…etc always opening in browser.

2.I can only create new folder in Windows explorer through FTP connection. How to unlock other functions ?

Congrats. Since I have not used these features, I have no idea. Maybe others can assist.

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