Can Connect With My Cloud at Home via Laptop; Can't Connect Remotely

Hi All:

I’m having some trouble connecting to my My Cloud storage device online. When I am at home, I have no trouble at all accessing the device via Windows 10. Last week, however, when I try to access it through My Cloud’s website, I can’t connect to my device either from my phone, laptop or from another PC. I have updated my device with the latest firmware and it’s powered on and connected to a wireless network. If any of you could please offer any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks very much for your help!!


Have you enabled Remote Access through the My Cloud Dashboard? If so what does the connection status indicate? Sometimes simply turning off Remote Access through the Dashboard, waiting a few minutes, then re-enabling it is enough to fix some remote access problems.

In addition to Bennor’s ‘turn it off and on again’ suggestion (Cloud Access), how are you trying to access Have you noticed the recent changes?

Thank you both for your help! Bennor, I went into the setttings in the dashboard and disabled/re-enabled remote access and seems to be working fine now - I can access it via the My Cloud website. cpt_paranoia, I also updated my password the website recommended just in case. I also rebooted my device at the outset. Thanks again for the help!!

Since i updated My cloud firmware, i have been unable to do any backups both remotely and on the web interface. In fact the dashboard shows Free 0MB and Others 0MB as well, like no data is in on my cloud