Can't access MyCloud remotely from

I have just purchased a MyCloud and have set it up as per the instructions.
When I try to access the MyCloud from I log in and I get a page saying that the software is not up to date, to connect my PC to the same network as the mycloud and refresh the page. When I access the control panel on the MyCloud it tells me the firmware is up to date. I can’t get MyCloud to let me connect.

You should first check that your My Cloud is running the latest firmware version 4.04.01-112. If it is not one can download the firmware file (unzip it) and manually install it. See the following WD Support link to download the firmware:

Next, insure the My Cloud has “internet access” by checking its status on the Dashboard -> Settings -> Network -> Network Profile section.

Next, insure the My Cloud has Remote Access option enabled under Cloud Access by checking Dashboard -> Settings -> General -> Cloud Access.

Next, insure users (or the user your using to access the device remotely) is configured for remote access by checking the Dashboard -> Cloud Access section.

Lastly, you may have to check your broadband router’s administration settings to see if the router is potentially blocking remote access.

Thanks for the notes. I know the MyCloud is not running the latest firmware as I have seen there is a new version, however, from the MyCloud/UI if you check for firmware updates it says it is up to date.
I will back up the data on the drive and give this a go.

The device automatically updated the firmware during the night whilst it was creating a snapshot. On the plus side, I can now access the device from the internet so the firmware update seems to have done the job. Thanks.