Cannot remotely connect to MyCloud from outside of my home

…except on my Iphone and Ipad. I have previously been able to connect to my device whilst not at home, but all of a sudden one day the remote login just stopped working - times out then started and pages advising me to contact WDMyCloud support - which I have via Twitter - from where I have received no response, email - ditto and even left messages on their YouTube guides, no responses. I have tried factory resets and adding / removing users. The remote access option is switched on. Yes, I have checked the firmware and it is up to date.

The site I am attempting to login at is: - Am I right in thinking that is the url which is local to my device? Attempts at trying to find the ‘remote login’ site that I used to use have all proved fruitless.

Any help would be warmly appreciated.

What other devices are you using and what operating system?

Try this link,

How long have you owned your My Cloud?

What devices are showing under Cloud Access in the Dashboard? Have you looked at Help?

I am attempting to access the 2TB MyCloud NAS on Windows laptops and desktop PCs. after logging in with the very recently reset user name and password, yields this error:

I have owned the device since 2015.

The only device showing is the WD MyCloud (2TB). Yes, I have looked at help.