WD 2tb mycloud **bleep** still will not work correctly after 5 mths?

Looking for some advice on what I am doing, not doing right if that is the case.

Same issue as many folks I see.

Useing a windows pc  w/windows 7 -64bit

I have done and re done this hard drive many times and still no luck accessing remotely through my cell phone service on my iphone 5 or ipad air.

wdmycloud drive shows up under my pc settings of network

it also shows up on my netgear router under mapping as connected.

I have latest firmware,

under general settings of mycloud

NTP service: on

remote access : on

connection status: connected

port forward established

under network settings of mycloud

status: internet access

network mode: DHCP

SSH: off

FTP: off

I can access my drive only locally though thru my ipad/phone when connected to my home wifi.

Once I turn off wifi or get out of range of router and connect with my cell phone provider it doesnt connect and says device off line, local documents are availible, well whoop de doo.

I tried to call WD tech support but before I let the call go thru I hear that only 30 days tech support,I have been trying to figure this out since I bought it in may.

My router is a netgear AC 1900

Just replaced my ac1800 belkin but with that one it didnt work also.

Also today I did a complete factory restore for 5 hrs on the unit and reinstalled the mobile apps on ipad/phone

Any one have some advice

See if this gets you anywhere:


please provide deteails on what steps you have taken to configure remote access

Actually no steps further

I assumed since dashboard of cloud shows connected and all settings correct and router showing the cloud on my mapping of items connected there wouldnt be other setting I would need to change/

you need to enable remote access in the UI for the mycloud

and for each user that needs remote access yo need to enable them also. this invloves entering an email for the user. WD will send instructions to that email to create the required WD account.

is that under settings/general/cloudaccess/remote accress?

If so, that has been turned on always

the 1st step. what does it show for connectin status

the next step is going into the cloud access tab and entering an email for each user that needs remote access

then the user needs to follow the steps in the email they will recieve from WD

i did get a email for my account, only one user, part of email below.

Your account has been successfully verified and can be accessed here. We recommend that you save this email for future reference, and if you need help, please visit our support site.

A copy and past of some of my settings.

Date & Time Monday, November 10, 2014 5:03:52 PM

Cloud Access
Remote Access

Connection Status Connected

Port forwarding connection established.

Energy Saver
Drive Sleep


Mac Backups
Time Machine

Network Profile
StatusInternet access

 under set up user, it has my name and email

below that 4 folders that are greyed out,under share access and password turned off.



After about 45 minutes with Jon at tech support, who contacted me first, he set up a pc control over my pc, went through numerous settings,and at the end with relay connection and manual connectivity, finally seems to work.

Thanks to Jon for the time spent.