Can access drive from local network and iOS but not remotely

The RAID got messed up when I took out a harddrive one time and since then I can’t access the drive remotely anymore. I have restored the RIAD and the dashboard says the drive is fine and has the latest firmware.

I can connect to it via the browser (on my local network), via Finder and via the iOS app (even with 4G) but I can’t connect via the My Cloud program on a PC outside of home, or via the mycloud webpage. I have restarted it but it doesn’t work.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Have you tried disabling the remote access and enabling that again?

No, I haven’t tried that. I will do it and see if it helps.

Works now. Did a hard reboot and fiddeled around with the settings in the dashboard and turned on/off cloud services. Something of those things were the answer…