Building binaries from source for MyCloudMirror


since some days im the proud owner of a WD My Cloud Mirror 4TB.

Since I want to copy files from another network device to my WD I want to login into the wd via ssh, start a copy/move command and then put it into background with screen.

I realized that there are some binaries missing(screen, cifsmount ) but I should be able to build them on my own. I’ve read the information on  this page(WD MyCloud Mirror) and here (for the WD MyCloud)

Now im a little irritated, since the instructions are very detailed for the MyCloud and the archive to download varies a lot.

Are there any instruction on building stuff for the MyCloud Mirror?

When I search around the internet, I always stumble over instructions on how to do it for the MyCloud but its always said that I have to make sure I use the right firmware for my model. But it looks like I cant get the packages I need for my MyCloudMirror.

Can someone please give me hint or a step by step instruction on how to do this?

Or is there an archive for already build binaries maybe?

Thanks in advance,


Welcome to the Community.

Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist. Please bear in mind this is not supported by WD, and as such extreme caution is recommended.