Browser interface missing Navigation Bar and other things


The manual shows a browser window incl the Navigation Bar (top image), but there is no Navagation Bar in the window in my browser (bottom image).

What is going on?

br Jesper

Try using a different browser, e,g, if you use IE, then try Chrome, or vice versa. Often it is the browser that is incompatible with the My Cloud for whatever reason.

Thanks Mike.

Now tried with Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer. Same result… :-/
Any other ideas?

The issue is that there is no tap for Could Access, Backups, etc… so I cant configure any of that

Uhm, it appears the FIRST picture is the Web Dashboard, and the SECOND picture is the web file access site.

They’re NOT the same thing.

I have no other ideas on this, but it appears Tony may have found the problem.