Incomplete access to Dashboard via web interface

I’m having a slightly odd problem accessing the web dashboard of my MyCloud Mirror from one of the PCs on my network, and I was wondering if anyone else has seen something similar and could give some pointer as to what may be going wrong.

The computer in question is attached to the network by Wifi and is running Win7 Home Premium, plus Quickview and Smartware (latest versions) and the MyCloud is up to date with firmware (1.09). I can log-in and see the dashboard main page, but if I try to go to the settings (cog) sub-page I only get a partial screen (see below), and I cannot access the other pages via the buttons to the lower-left (Network, Media, Utilities etc) - those buttons don’t work as if the page code isn’t fully loaded or has an error. This is the same under both Chrome and Internet Explorer (with and without add-ons). Javascript is enabled on both, and the main screen buttons and the ones at the top (log-out etc) all work fine.

I’ve tried disabling firewalls and anti-virus (both ZoneAlarm) temporarily and it makes no difference, and I also reinstalled the network drivers and again no difference. The dashboard is fully accessible and operational via other machines on my network (another Win7 wifi laptop, a WinXP LAN desktop and an Android tablet) so it’s something on the local PC (or its connection) rather than a fundamental issue on the MyCloud. But I’m stumped as to what it may be, hence the post. The MyCloud is fully accessible via Quickview/Smartware and via SMB. This isn’t a major problem, but a little niggle that I’d like to fix if possible.

Thanks in advance for any ideas :smiley:


Have you tried using different browsers (Chrome, IE, etc.) on the problem PC? It could be a browser issue on that PC and to eliminate that possibility you need to do that. If it works fine in another browser, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the problem browser.

Yes, as I said in the original post, I’ve tried both Chrome and IE (with and without addons). 

I also tried resetting Chrome back to its default settings, but it didn’t help - same issue with both.

Sorry, I missed that. Hmm…that is odd indeed. I can’t think of anything else.

You don’t have some kind of an ad-blocker on that problem PC by any chance, do you? See this ->

If that does happen to be the case and resolves your issue, please click the star on the left under my username to give me a kudo and mark this post as the solution.

I did have ABP, but I’ve removed it and it didn’t seem to help. But I may have missed something, or it might have left something behind.

What I’ll do is remove Chrome tonight and do a fresh re-install of it and see if that helps. What your link describes does sound similar to what I’m seeing on my system. But I did try it in IE too without any addons (the link under accessories/system tools for that) and it came up the same.

To update - no ad-blocks, and removing and reinstalling Chrome made no difference.

OK, went with a hunch as I’ve been seeing a few web pages with incorrectly displayed graphics (pictures mainly) plus a few other programs with downloading components were sometimes giving errors. So I pulled the wifi drivers from this machine and have spent time rebuilding them and updating them, and it seems to have resolved this particular issue (and maybe some of the others).

So I think this one can be put down to local machine wifi driver problem, now resolved :slight_smile:

Very interesting…thanks for updating with your eventual solution…I was curious too.