Settings > Network page is mangled

My original intent was to ask a question and halfway through documenting the issue I figured out the problem. I’m submitting because this may still be helpful to someone some day.

So I just purchased a WD My Cloud EX2 and when I first turned it on, I was immediately prompted to update the firmware. Clicked OK a handful of times, it rebooted, and was successfully completed.

Headed over to the Settings section to look around at all the options and I see this when attempting to go to the Network section.

Interestingly enough, if you click the >> to the right of FTP, the dialog opens and mysteriously the rest of the elements show up.

However, nothing below that dialog on the page works. The buttons will switch back and forth between ON and OFF, but they don’t save.

When the page loads, I am presented with a javascript error.

ReferenceError: get_ads_info is not defined in http://nas01/web/jquery/js/jquery-1.9.1.min.js on Line 30.

This problem was caused by AdBlockPlus. Adding the NAS url to ABP solves the issue and the rest of the fields work as intended.


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Hi and welcome castis, thank you for sharing. 

Disable AdBlock Plus for this page :smiley:

Update: Sorry, thought you were asking a question, didn’t see you already gave the solution in your own post :slight_smile: