Bricked - Fixed

I thought I’d post this incase anyone else out there is having the problem I’ve just encountered.

I had tried upgrading my firmware … I put the memory stick in… it recognised there was a firmware update and asked if I wanted to sync the contents to the HDD (I gather that’s the wrong thing to do)

Anyway, upon rebooting it would hang on the WD splash screen…  Putting the USB stick back in it would reboot and get as far as “Updating Firmware 0%” and move no further…

My memory stick was formatted as NTFS… I reformatted as FAT32 and put the firmware files back on it and it flashed perfectly… it seems the WD TV Live Hub isn’t happy with NTFS memory sticks 

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looks like you had the same issue as this guy-

I suggested he do the same, but haven’t heard back if it worked or not… glad to see someone was able to check and see if it made a difference :slight_smile: