Western Digital Live Hub - Firmware Failed To Update

I am new to this WD forum.

Recently I purchased a new WD Live Hub for my Dad for Christmas. It has worked fine until I plugged my USB stick into it as I had a movie I wanted to watch but I forgot I had downloaded a firmware update for this device. Once the files had synchronised, it asked me if I wanted to update the firmware. As I was not thinking too quickly I selected yes.


It came up with a progress bar but stayed at 0% for ages. After impatience I turned off the device. Now it wont work anymore and it says it was not official WD firmware. I have checked it and realised I have stuffed up when I downloaded the firmware its not the official type from WD.

The wdtvlivehub.ver file version is: VERSION=‘5.00.99_M’ LOCATION=‘wdtvlivehub.bin’.


I have done some research and it appears others have had problems with the firmware and some advice has stated to down grade the firmware. I have reformatted my USB stick to FAT32 and put down graded firmware but have no success as it still stuck at 0%.


Has anyone got some ideas of what I could do to fix this?


I would appreciate any assistance



Well, first you are trying to install the wrong firmware.  The firmware that you are trying to install is the GPL firmware, which is only used if you are wanting to install your own or someone elses “Custom” firmware. The firmware “Version” that you stated is for the “Launcher” firmware which is supposed to act like a bridge for custom firmware.  There is  no custom firmware for the HUB though.

You need to download and install the Official firmware, which is Version 2.03.24, which can be downloaded HERE.

Thanks for that, I have downloaded the firmware. I hope it works. It may be a little while till I get a chance to try this.

I will update this post as soon as I do it.

Ok I downloaded the official firmware 2.03.24 from WD. I put it on my USB stick formated in FAT32. I extracted the 3 files into the root of the USB stick.

I had it plugged in before powering on the WD live hub. Upon powering on I get this message:

“This media player was modified aftermarket and is running unoffical firmware that is not supported by Western Digital.”

Then after a little while the following message appears:

“Your WDTV is being upgraded. Please DN NOT disconnect power or the attached storage.”

The problem is it does not progress, it just stays at 0%. I left it for several hours with no progress.

Just wondering if there is something I am doing wrong here. There must be a way to fix this.

Any advice I would appreciate

It might not be possible to return back to Factory Firmware.    You may have to RMA it (if WD allows it…)

whats rma mean?

get a return label from WD and use the manufacture warranty

RMA = Return Material Authorization