Lastest firmware update process is a joke

I’ve now got a unusable HUB thanks to the official firmware I downloaded.

I started off downloading the lasted update from te Hub, somewhere this failed the 2/2 process and I had loads of network issue.

I download the lastest firmware to a USB stick and that said it was incomplete.

So I downloaded again, extracted everything first and now it says WARNING unofficial firmware , how ? its from the WD site.

It just keeps looping round with a warning and do I want to continue, I said no, and it just goes back to the warning.

Is there a way to resolve this ?

Many thanks

Hmmm.   That WARNING usually only appears if someone tries to install the GPL firmware.

is THIS the firmware you downloaded:

or did you download this:

You should have downloaded the first link.   And there should be FOUR FILES to put on your memory stick.

I went to this page , downloaded the latest file , it updated , but stll said it was incomplete, so I extracted all the files on the download 800mb worth. I’m guessing that was wrong now. It updated again and then I had the warning.

I’ve rolled back to 2.05.08 and thankfully its now working again.

However, when it boots, it still pops up with a warning about unofficial firmware having been loaded.

Well, if you downloaded an 800meg file, then you installed something other than the official code!

You probably, like I said, downloaded the GPL code, which IS unofficial firmware.

The latest official firmware file is only 113 megabytes.

I hadn’t expected the WD website to offer anything but approved firmware, but then I hadn’t expect the Hub to download firmware in the 1st place that would break it

Time to turn off the automatic firmware detection and hope this warning about the firmware isn’t going to effect anything.

In your first post, you said the download failed because you had network problems. The hub didn’t download the wrong code, it was what you put on the USB that was wrong.

If your premium services are still working, the you may not have broken anything. I would try reinstalling the CORRECT code.

Sorry I ment I had network issues after the latest firmware was dowloaded by the hub, nothing wrong with my physical network.

Come on man, you should read before you do something… If you are downloading 800mb file and you have no clue what are you doing, why are you downloading that file? The Live Hub by default allows you to upgrade the firmware from the device from the internet. IMHO it is almost bullet proof, but if this fails due to the network issue, you should be carefull what will you do next… It is like your car will get out of fuel, you will go to the gasoline station and you will buy coca cola instead fuel complaining that the gasoline company should offer only the 1kind of fuel you need…

Go to WD website mentioned above, grab the official firmware, READ the steps for the upgrade and FOLLOW these steps to upgrade your device…