Hub won't update, frozen at "Updating firmware" screen 0%

So with all the problems I’ve been having since the latest firmware update, I decided to roll back.

I followed all necessary steps with the previous firmware, and usb drive to roll it back.

It has been stuck at zero percent now for a good amount of time and hasn’t once made progress after rebooting before the update.

Is my hub now bricked? Where do I go from here?

Well, for one thing, you don’t use the “previous” firmware to roll back.   You have to use the ROLLBACK package.

But assuming you DID do that, you’re pretty much going to have to see what happens if you power it off and power it back on.

It’s unlikely that it’s bricked.  It’s never happened on a Hub that I’ve heard of.

If the firmware IS corrupted, when you power it back on, the on-screen instructions will tell you what to do.

That’s exactly what I did, sorry for using the wrong term. Followed all the instructions and I’ve been sitting here for about 30 minutes now.

Do you know what might happen if I roll the dice power it off?

Is your rollback on a USB stick or an actual USB hard drive?

I’ve found (with my WDTV Live) that sometimes USB stick-based updates just sit there for hours and hours and hours without moving, but the same files on a hard drive install fine.

I pulled the plug once on a normal upgrade that was stuck for hours (from a stick).

When I powered back up, I got the corrupt firmware warning.

I attached a hard drive that I’d put the files on (off of the stick), and it blazed through the repair install.

It was on an actual hard drive, and recognized it when it loaded on screen. You know, the “New firmware detected” logo. 

So I just powered it down and restarted, and its completely stuck at the WD screen. Hasn’t moved an inch. I powered again, this time with the usb attached and it went right into the “updating firmware” but is again stuck at 0 percent. Hmph.

As a matter of fact, the wdtv icon stops blinking and does completely nothing. Just stays lit up.

Well after 2 more tries, it finally updated with the same harddrive. Booted up instantly. This was after trying everything suggested as well as letting it sit. Thanks!

Just wanna say that, I don’t know if anyone else had this problem, but after the newest update my menu and poster colors became pretty bland and kind of grey. By rolling back, they are looking vibrant and clear again.