Brand new WD Elements 1TB drive not detected on PC but works perfectly on laptop and other pc

I just purchased a WD Elements hdd, but i cant manage to get my PC to detect it.  I get the normal sound from windows 7 like when you insert a usb hdd into the usb port but nothing else.  Ive checked Disk Management to see if it maybe requires a drive letter but its not there either.  When I plug this drive into my laptop, it works perfectly, the same for my work pc.  If i go to Device Manager There is two USB root hub devices that has the yellow triangle, but i cant seem to update the drivers for them.  Downloaded the USB controller driver from ASUS and installed again, no luck. If I plug another hdd into any of the usb ports, it works first time with no issues!!!  Tried rebooting, disk management, diskpart utility but no luck.  The only thing I can think of trying is maybe uninstalling all USB devices in device manager and reinstalling the usb controller from the ASUS website.  Please any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Hello, have you tried connecting the Elements on another PC? If you are using a USB powered Elements, be sure to connect the USB cable directly to the PC. Another option would be to run a DLG test. 

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