Elements 1TB external drive not detecting

Please help.

my WDD 1TB external drive is not detecting. it can seen in devises and printers and also in the safely remove area in the system tray. but it is not seen in the explorer. i uninstalled the usb driver and pluged it again. it is seen driver not available.but some time it shows driver installed sucessfully but drive is not seen or detected.

Why is it so. what should i do to gat my data. i am using windows 7 ultmate.


I tried changing the drive names also but no result. the drives light is flasing and also the disc rotation can be felt.pls help

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Does the drive show in Disk Management and does it have a letter?


No joe.oly system hard disc seen in disc management. I uninstalled usb driver and reconnected wd. But mostly it shows driver not installed. And some time shows driver installed successfully but cant c the drive.pls help

Try another USB cable no longer than the original and don’t connect through a hub. Try plugging power directly into the socket instead of a surge protector. Try Different USB ports and a different PC if possible. See if any of that helps. Since the Elements is not an encrypted drive you might be able to put in a third party enclopsure or connect as an internal. I don’t know what that actuallt involves