External Drive not detected

My WD Elements 1TB hard drive is not detected in Ubuntu 12.04. I’m able to detect it in Windows 7 but unable to open it.It is getting powered on in both the cases. Any help is much appreciated.

NTFS file system on external drive but no NTFS tools installed in Ubuntu?

Hi Joerg. It was recognized a week ago in both the operating systems. It is in working condition. No specific sound or disturbance from it.

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Something did change. Are you using other devices connected to the USB ports? Background of this question: is there enhough power on the USB ports to start the drive completely?

If Windows mount the drive: what happens then? Your wrote, you cannot open it? What message appears within Windows?

Hi Joerg. I typed lsusb in the command line and the WD Elements passport is detected in Ubuntu. But it doesn’t show up in the Files. The Hard drive led blinks when plugged in. So I think it is receiving enough power.

When I mount the drive on Windows, the drive shows up on My Computer as an icon only. None of these empty space/ free space and colors(Blue or Red) show up. When I click on that icon, My Computer freezes.

on the Windows machine: connect the drive and then open the Disk Management Console. Is the drive ONLINE or shown as OFFLINE? If Offline, right click on the left column and bring the drive back online.

Hi Joerg… in the Disk Management Console the drive is online.

Online? OK, now I am lost…
What file system and drive details are shown within disk management console?
What error message appears when you try to access the drive?

Details: 931GB (didn’t say how much is free and how much is occupied).NTFS format, When I try to access the drive it just doesn’t open. No error message appears.It keeps loading for a long while and then I disconnect.