Brand new My Book Live Bricked?

Hi i have problem with my new WD My book Live when i plugged in to newtork i acess to web ui and update firmaware after firmware update anything go OK. But after while i cannot access to web UI. I reset the device and when i want to access to web ui browser send me 

This webpage is not available

Ok after that i scan Device IP adress with Zenmap 

and result was 

Discovered open port 111/tcp on
Discovered open port 139/tcp on
Discovered open port 445/tcp on
Discovered open port 2049/tcp on
Discovered open port 3689/tcp on
Discovered open port 548/tcp on
Discovered open port 49153/tcp on
Discovered open port 9000/tcp on

There is no 80 or 443 and offcourse there is not SSH.

 And the status LED still blinking green… 

Take it back and get it exchanged. Just tell the shop it never worked right out of the box. Symptoms happening exactly as you’re descibed in your message. Best not tell the shop that a firmware update bricked it.

If you want to get another MyBook Live what I would do is call Western Digital technical support, tell them that you would like to upgrade the firmware, tell them how a firmware upgrade bricked the your original MyBook Live and put the ball in their court and get them to tell you how to update the firmware in a way that will not brick the drive.

Also, if you do get another MyBook Live then BEFORE you perform a firmware upgrade, turn on SSH.  You sign on the Dashboard UI and change the URL of the browser to:  http://MyBookLive/UI/ssh

If a firmware upgrade goes wrong then you have a route into the back to fix things.

Actually, the first thing you WILL DO  is enabled SSH as soon as you sign-on to the Dashboard UI for the first time.

Would you recommend to do the SSH AFTER pluigging the MBL to the router and installing the software?  or can one just enter the ipaddr to get the UI for login to Dashboard then do the SSH?

Just wondering if Dashboard will only respond after the CD software was installed?  I won’t be using the smartwhatever to do the backups as will be using file copy utility to do so.

Hi, I have a hypothesis on what happened: Unfortunately the firmware file is a large file with two parts (in the same file). a. a short startup script (at the beginning of the file) b. a large firmware image (follows after the script) If you did an “Automatic” firmware upgrade, you may have had an incomplete download which would mean that the script intact but the fw image corrupted. If ever you are successful in getting the item replaced or managed to get it up and running, do manual firmware upgrade. You can verify the file before you apply the upgrade. I hope this helps.

Enable SSH before installing any software.

As to the firmware file?  I thought it did a MD5 check to make sure the downloaded firmware file is intact before trying to apply the update?  From what I’ve seen it seems that the script that does the upgrade is somewhat broken.