Why are people reporting firmware updates bricking their MyBook Lives?

I’m also making an educated guess that a lot of these people don’t fiddle about within the Linux operating system and some don’t even know what SSH is!  (They’ll think that SSH might have something to so with Voodoo?)

So, my dear Western Digital.  I challenge thee to explain why that may be happening that to prove me wrong that with issues like these are posted you lot at Western Digital seem to stay silent.  Besides, remaining silent or coy on this particular issue won’t be good for public relations.  :wink:

Why are some MyBook Lives getting bricked or begin to severely begin to malfunction after a firmware update?

Applying the present firmware to my own MBL was a bit of a hassle.  The MBL flat refused to download the file.  Had to download the file onto my computer and update from file.  (My MBL is still working fine. :smiley: )

This is the first thing I’ve had go right for me since I slew the dragons I woke up inside. No stability issues. No performance hit. Odd.

I’ve had one problem which would have got me to R.M.A. my drive because a previous firmware completely kill the Web dashboard UI.  Luckily SSH was enabled and I knew which script to invoke to perform the update which brought my MBL back to life.

What got the Web UI to die?  A simple reboot.  Went to the Web UI to reboot my MBL and when it started uo the Web UI was not there. More like the web server in the MBL was not there.  All the ports the Apache2 web server should had been listening to in the MBL had vanished even though the Apache2 web server processes were running.  FTP. SSH and Samba remained operational so it was simple to recover it’s full functionality.

Never ever got an explanation for what that would happen and if it’ll happen again.  It’s this coyness from W.D. which is a confidence eroder.