Brand New 2TB Passport disconnects after 1 min of copy/paste


I just bought my WD Passport 2TB today, with usb 3.0 and connected it to the ss(usb) port. (port for 3.0 usb).

I am trying to backup my files from my old 1TB Hard Drive (WD passport), but after around 1 minute, the Drive disappears from windows and disconnects, and the white led starts to flash.

I am on an Asus G53SW notebook running windows 7, 64 bit.

Can you help plz?

thank you.


I tried to connect the new 2TB hard drive on a 2.0 slot, and it works fine. But the whole point of the drive is that it was faster, and right now, i am not using it at maximum efficiency.

I guess it’s a power problem. How can I fix this? Is it a problem related to:

  • cable?

  • Notebook 3.0 slot?


Have you tried connecting the passport to another computer with USB 3.0 ports?