BBC iPlayer

Since the firmware update BBC iPlayer is no longer available.

Would a firmware rollback ‘fix’ this issue.

And if so , could someone instruct me on the best proceedure to perform a roll back, because after following the WD instructions I got knowhere.

The 1.06.34_V  firmware which first included the iPlayer was pulled by WD due to problems.…

Because of the many problems posted regarding that firmware they released a Public Beta 1.06.41_V which also included the iPlayer.…

It appears that this public beta firmware is still available from the page above or the link below.

You download and unzip the file to a folder on your computer

You edit the ver file in the 1.06.41 with notepad and change the VERSION from VERSION=‘1.06.41_V’ to say VERSION=‘2.06.41_V’ (This is only to fool the player into accepting the old firmware, it will still be the firmware 1.06.41 which is installed.)

After editing in notepad on the computer you save the .ver file.

You copy this file and the others which were in the zip file to the top level of a  USB Flash drive. Only these files are to be in this top level. (normally 3 or 4 files)

Plug the flash drive into the usb port of the player.

After a short period of time an icon should appear saying that there is new firmware (2.06.41)

Update firmware.

After installing and rebooting the player will say that there is new firmware, you can ignore this.

Eject the USB flash drive via the remote button.

You should now find the BBC iPlayer in the internet media.

Make sure that you do not update even if the player prompts you (which it will) or you will lose the iPlayer.


I took richUK’s advice in the end about FW 1.06.41V and rolledback, presently its starting to come round and works pretty well, touch wood.

Sometimes on HD on mode I get a bandwidth (bw) issue - but that’s because 3 other users in the family are also eating loads of bw.


Well let’s all hope that they fix this latest firmware (if they can) and reinstate the iPlayer.

By the way, the BBC iPlayer is more than TV, which is limited to the UK: the radio part is available for listening (as per BBC tos) worldwide, so why not allow to install the iPlayer?

I inadvertedly updated the firmware on my WD TV Live (model WDBGXT0000NBK-UESN, bought in the UK) while abroad, and lost the BBC iPlayer - including radio!

I guess I will try a rollback when I’ll be back in the UK but the whole geolocation thing seems like a useless complication.

Please, consider allowing to choose location manually : hardware localisation + IP check should be enough to prevent people from watching unallowed services, there’s no need to force a different firmware install - without even warning! - depending on location.

claudio-uk. If you have the old WD live then you do not have a different firmware install. The BBC iPlayer was dropped from the firmware for everybody including users in the UK. This player does not have geo location and if it did all you would have to do is reset the location to get local services. The geo location feature on the newer players uses IP check to set what services are seen on the player so WD are actually using your request, there is no different firmware installed.

You have the new player and therefore all you need to do on return to the UK is reset your location in the setup and you will get BBC iPlayer back.

As to listening to UK radio you can use the TuneIn service to do that.