Where is BBC iPlayer?

I just updated to the latest firmware - I have no BBC iPlayer.

Where is it? 

Huh.   Last month you said you got rid of your WD.

Well, I defer to serviio, as they are likely to address the issue.  

I’m afraid it’s academic now - I returned the WD this morning - 90 euros of nothing new.  I’ll drag out the old Aldi box - works just as well if not better., and only cost 30 euros.

I think the Roku with Plex might be a better option. 

In none of your prior three posts did you indicate if you actually reside in the UK.  Do you?

Got another WD … to compliment a Roku.  

The firmware was 1.03 … it autoupdated (sort of) .  Can’t see any real differences. 

Do I have to downgraed to 1.06 

And I am virtually in the UK . …

If you buy anything with Euro’s then you are not in the UK and you will not get iPlayer.

déjà vu


richUK wrote:

If you buy anything with Euro’s then you are not in the UK and you will not get iPlayer.

With proper VPN-tunneling you can be in every country you want. :laughing:

I don’t use Euro’s - perhaps Euros, yes.  I also buy in Pounds, and Dollars.  So, I could be anywhere.

I’ve got iPlayer working via Serviio in any event … so, it’s not an issue any more.  

Thanks for all the help and advice - not. 

Hi castalla, how’s the Roku/plex setup fairing in comparison to the SMP?

I finally got iPlayer on the SMP … not worth the massive effort of endless firmware updates/downgrades.  It still ends before the programme finishes.   

I don’t use Plex because it’s a dog on win netbooks - Serviio works with the SMP.

I’ve given up on the SMP … i use the Roku which has an excellent fully functional iPlayer implementation.

The SMP was a waste of money. 

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wait what?! just trying to wrap my head around this topic.

you bought a second SMP to compliment a Roku. mainly for iPlayer, then say Roku has a better iPlayer?

then why was the SMP purchased?

sorry don’t mean to sound rude or harsh, just trying to figure it out.

Right.  I bought a Roku - I couldn’t get iPlayer working.

So, I bought the SMP again - as I’d already had iPlayer working on it previously (although I didn’t play a programme to the end - so foolishly thought it worked OK).

Meanwhile, I re-registered my Roku and got iPlayer working. 

I then thought that a SMP firmware update would upgrade iplayer to a working version - spent hours messing about with firmware updates - downdates - casting bones and reading chicken entrails, etc.  until the Holy Grail actually appeared. Overjoyed, I then played a programme only to discover it cuts off before the end … same old iPlayer version as in 1.06.4.

I’ve been told it’s a BBC issue - but then why did WD  implement this iPlayer version and not one which works?

Anyway - the SMP is in mothballs … until there’s some news that iPlayer actually works.  

I don’t think WD get a choice of what iplayer version is on the SMP. BBC insist on having complete control over all official iplayer apps on all platforms and just release a device specific app which then loads html5 content written by BBC.
I am surprised that Western Digital have not contacted the iplayer team about this though or that BBC have not released a standardized leanback version of iplayer instead of the numerous different versions on different platforms.