Firmware 2.02.32 and BBC iPlayer - A downgrade

With the latest firmware, we UK residents have gained the latest BBC iPlayer, which I quite like, along with BBC News and BBC Sports apps. But, the previous iPlayer included radio as well as TV programmes. The new iPlayer has only TV as there is now a BBC iPlayer Radio. This app has not been incuded on WDTV so we no longer have access to BBC radio programmes.

For me, this is a huge downgrade, enough to give me cause to revert to the previous firmware, perhaps.

C’mon WD. Please include BBC iPlayer Radio (or is that down to the BBC?).


You should post this in the Ideas section.

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Well, here’s an odd thing…

I have been running my WDTV Live with an earlier version of the firmware in order to be able to access the older version of BBC iPlayer, which includes the ability to play radio programmes.

For some reason, I decided to update to the latest firmware. But when I went into iPlayer it was the old version. How odd.

I had allocated a shortcut button (one of the coloured buttons) to directly access iPlayer. And, lo and behold, the old iPlayer is still there and accessible with that button.

If I select iPlayer through the usual menus, I get the new version.

So now I am getting the best of both worlds. I don’t how this is happening but it is, so I am a happy bunny.

Yeah I found this back in… August I think. Somebody, WD related, said this was interesting and noted it.

So while we all wait for the annoying bugs to be fixed in the last release, you are happy as Larry with the duplicate iPlayer apps!

I found this to the funniest bug, but really how can u miss bringing in 2 versions of the same app!? It shows how bad the build and testing was for this release. I am beginning to doubt we will ever get a new release for this old box now.