BBC iPlayer not working again - WD TV Live


my first post !

I have had my WD TV Live for a few years now.
About a year ago - it was locking up after an automatic firmware update.
So I followed the instructions and downgraded - all sorted.

Now I dont use the BBC iPlayer much , but I have just found that it does not work.
I have reset the unit and checked the wireless and CAT 5 connections - all ok

Is there a fix ?
New firmware , or something.

Will new firmware cause more freezing ?

All thoughts and ideas gratefully received.

Many thanks

iPlayer works on mine with latest firmware. Most people seem to find latest f/w works ok without (too much) freezing. What f/w version are you running at the moment?


Im using 2.01.86

The last time I upgraded last year , the box kept freezing all the time , so I rolled back