BBC iplayer in the Uk has stopped working?


Last night I tried to watch bbc iplayer (I’m in the UK) and it appears a message saying ‘we don’t support your device’. It was fine a couple of days ago.

Is there a problem regarding BBC Iplayer?

Please help! Thank you.


No solution I’m afraid, but you’re not alone, ours has stopped working too


Hi guys, this issues has already been reported and is under investigation.


Ok, thank you. 

Let’s hope we get BBC iPlayer back soon. Miss it terrible!


I also was wondering why I was getting this message. Everything normal one day with BBC’s iplayer, the next day I get “product is not supported”. Hopefully there’s a fix in the works


Same problem here, one day fine, next day not working - bit annoyed really as rely on my box for iplayer…

Hopefully fixed soon and WD will keep us posted!


Good news: it’s working now!


Tried today 23rd March 2014 and get the front page but if you select any programmes tv or radio it just hangs with a black screen in the middle of the iplayer template. Have to turn the box off as the back button is rendered useless., as are all other buttons on the remote. Anybody know what is wrong and when there’s likely to be a fix?


It’s the 6 August 2014 and i have the problem and i assume others do. Is there a fix or do i bin the box ? 


Hi, sadly I have been told that the device is no longer being supported as its end of life. I’ve luckily managed to get mine returned to Amazon for a refund as its less than 8 months old.


Is this official that the WD TV PLAYER device will never again play BBC IPlayer and is end of life. Can the WD Moderator please confirm this.