Backup to Cloud Serivce like Crashplan or Backblaze - WDMyCloud

Hi! I’ve searched and haven’t found a good option for backing up my WD MyCloud to a backup service like Backblaze or Carbonite. I’m using WD Mycloud and a PC.

As somebody who works in technology I would be astonished if there isn’t a way to easily backup date so I’m sure I’m just missing somthing

Any suggestions?


One could “map” the My Cloud to their local computer. Then use the Crashplan or Backblaze service software (if any) to backup the mapped Share’s contents.

Or one could attempt to use something like GoodSync which would involve using SSH to modify the firmware to install that app if the method of access used by GoodSync is supported by the cloud bases storage service. Note however that using Goodsync is not officially supported by WD.

Or one could use SSH to issue the Rsync command if the cloud based storage service allows for such access.

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