Can I backup my MyCloud to an external cloud (ie. Carbonite, SOS, etc...)

I’m looking for some recommendations on how I can backup my WD MyCloud to an offsite cloud provider. I know there are hooks between Dropbox to MyCloud but I’m looking to back up the MyCloud device.

I’ve seen providers like Carbonite, Backblaze, SOS, JustCloud and others as options…

Any help greatly appreciated.


Officially no there is no way to backup a My Cloud to an offsite cloud storage site using the My Cloud Dashboard. One could always “map” a Share to their local computer and use the cloud storage site’s app to copy that Share’s data to the cloud storage site.

Unofficially there may be a way to copy data from the My Cloud to certain cloud storage sites using the following unsupported app/module.

How to map the My Cloud:

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